You create, we help sales.

We make it easy to sell your Flight Simulator add-ons products to customers.


System Ready

Our custom control panel is simple to use and removes the headache of managing your products.


With various payment methods, it makes easy for customers to transact.


The transaction runs instantly. Customers do not need to manually verify payments.

Multi Currency

You can set different product price for each currency (USD, IDR, AUD, EUR, HKD, JPY, PHP, GBP, SGD, TWD, THB, MXN, PLN).


Fee is only 19% for each sale of your Payware product.
No monthly fees or registration.

What Makes OneSim Store So Different?


Share Sales Commission

The recipient that you add will be able to see My Revenue page which contains the sale of the product you shared and the calculation of the portion of the income they receive.

Sales Analytics

You can use this tool for better decision making.

Promotion Banners

Share your banners on our home page.

Manage Coupons

Issue a discount code for your several customer, once you issue the coupon your customer can use those for your products.

Discount Offers

Create a single discount offer or when customer buy your product bundle or has purchased some products before.

Giveaway Product

Give your product for free to the customer. The recipient will get an product along with serial if any. They will also get notified via email.

Manage Product Keys

Generate keys for your product (that require a key) or view the key that has been generated.

Customer Support

Maintain customer relation with our help center ticketing system.

Update Notification

Post update news for your product.

Piracy Report / Ban

No need to explain for this isn't it?

Boost Your Sales From Our Discount Voucher

We had an program where we give discount coupons to the customers to use for ALL PRODUCTS.
Dont worry! You'll still get 100% of your product price. This will help you to boost your sales.

Universal Installers
Universal Installers

OneSim Center


Distribute your product files through our installer. Equipped with restrictions 1 serial for 2 PCs, installation track record and many other customized features. You have complete control of your product file. Can be used immediately after adding product. No additional fees.


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