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Suroboyo Simulation - Juanda International Airport (WARR/SUB) - FSX & P3D

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Juanda International Airport (JIA) (Indonesian: Bandar Udara Internasional Juanda) (IATA: SUB, ICAO: WARR), is an international airport located in Sedati, Sidoarjo. It is now the third busiest airport in Indonesia (after Soekarno-Hatta and Ngurah Rai airport). This airport is located approximately 12 kilometers (7.5 mi) from Downtown Surabaya and serves the Surabaya metropolitan area, the metropolitan area of Surabaya plus extended urban area. Juanda International Airport is operated by PT Angkasa Pura I. The airport takes its name after Djuanda Kartawidjaja, the last Prime Minister of Indonesia who had suggested development of this airport. In 2013, the airport serves about 400 aircraft per day.

Suroboyo Simulation developed it’s scenery to complete the collection of addons airports in East Java, Indonesia. We make its scenery with latest model, including Terminal T2 & Terminal Cargo, Helipad parking stand, Military Base, and some unique features within this airport. Common features in this scenery is animated jetway with SODE, Dynamic Lighting for prepar3D, and night texture as always. Precision placement and model also applied here.

Product Features:
  • FPS Friendly
  • Detailed building ground etc
  • Night Environtment
  • Precision Detail
  • SODE Support
Product Requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2)
Prepar3D v4
SimObject Display Engine
Prepar3D v5

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or faster
Video Card: DirectX 11 or higher
Free Hard Drive Space : 1300 MB

Delivery Method: This digital goods are delivered via OneSim Center desktop application.

Available Since: 28 September 2020

02 March 2023 (11:17 EST) Update:

  • security update

How to install:

  • reinstall, if you exceed to limit, please wait.

29 May 2022 (09:24 EDT) Update:

  • Security Fix

How to install:

  • reinstall from onesim center

10 June 2021 (01:00 EDT) Update:

  • Minor Update main texture and object

04 October 2020 (02:00 EDT) Update:

  • Minor Update
  • Gate A5 & A5T, and several gate.
  • Detailing Grass.

01 October 2020 (01:00 EDT) Update:

  • Added Grass and Fix LM Texture

About Publisher

Suroboyo Simulation Logo

Suroboyo Simulation Indonesia

SuroboyoSim started out in 2016 as a developer of the addons sceneries of Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d. We build our scenery using 3D software design and improving realistic building and textures. In addition, we continue to develop products for the home consumer market and company.

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Adrian Arisanto08 January 2023 00:36 EST
Nice Scenery

Hanif Ardiansyah03 August 2022 10:58 EDT

Steven Destazio25 May 2022 08:09 EDT
The scenery does look nice, but the SODE jetways advertised only cover terminal 1. Terminal 2 is static jetways (not even Ctrl+J controlled). I cannot find anywhere where the terminal 2 jetways are modeled so I can turn that bgl file off and replace the static jetways with GSX SODE jetways. this cannot be done from GSX because they are not Ctrl+J jetways either. I cannot give more than 3 stars to a developer who advertised SODE jetways and then only delivered half of the airport with what was advertised. If I were able to find the bgl file with the jetways in them, I could correct the problem easily, but it does not exist. Furthermore, every parking position has a visual guidance docking system, that is 100% inoperative and not in realistic places - such as right next to the nose of an aircraft where it cannot possibly read the aircraft nor could the pilot see it to follow instructions even if it were working. Overall, it looks nice, but does not function nice.

Ben Faiz07 May 2022 09:31 EDT

I Gede Ary Kusuma03 November 2021 21:40 EDT

Adinova Indra Permana18 October 2021 07:23 EDT
Keep it real!

Kukuh Jihad Widjaya21 August 2021 09:57 EDT
nice, will wait for update

Reiner Alex18 August 2021 06:00 EDT

Tri Junanto Setyoadi13 August 2021 06:28 EDT
Mostly perfect, looks like working at there. Waiting update for new T1 and Cargo

Abdillah Harahap05 August 2021 15:56 EDT

Donny Wantogia24 July 2021 19:52 EDT
Sangat mirip dgn Aslinya dan fps aman terkendali..

Reza Arbananto17 July 2021 11:19 EDT

Muhammad Faisal Imansyah07 July 2021 00:30 EDT
Worth for the price!

M Dio03 June 2021 00:19 EDT

Davelance Praditya26 May 2021 01:42 EDT
Great Job Subsim... Very nice airport, good quality simobjects, updated scenery, great DL aswell. But I think some of the spawn points for the gates are miss aligned.

Afifarham Sayid Fatah19 May 2021 10:47 EDT

Chalil Mizan18 May 2021 08:58 EDT
I keep getting apron flickering issue on all SubSim product when used together with chaseplane, otherwise would be perfect!

Brandon Lin13 May 2021 23:54 EDT
Best WARR in the market for sure (v5)

Barry Utomo01 May 2021 05:47 EDT
worth the money

Glenn Noya01 April 2021 02:10 EDT
For FSX sublime ,,, please please do his wonderfull Juanda Scenery for MSFS 2020

Yudra Saiful Akmal13 March 2021 11:20 EST

Dickky Ardiansyah11 March 2021 18:36 EST
ini biangnya Muantabh'e, cuma sayangnya bberapa sineri yg mantab2 belum bisa di v5. jadi tolong dipertimbangkan nasib kami2 ini yg di v5 atau akan saya laporkan ke Kang Ujang Bustomi! SubSim gilaa keren bgt sumpah! :D

Brian Zimmer08 February 2021 20:27 EST

Jeremias Marco Harsono05 February 2021 23:57 EST

Razaan Botutihe26 January 2021 02:28 EST

Irfan Anshari15 January 2021 04:24 EST
Great scenery for juanda airport

muhamad adlil10 January 2021 04:42 EST

Ghino Luqyano27 November 2020 18:23 EST
Looking forward to more Indonesia Airports scenery, well done!

Gery Kurniawan05 November 2020 03:44 EST
Iam from surabaya and this scenery looks exactly the the real one. iam also a pilot that looking the airport from distance as iam coming in to land also looks very accurate. Very Impressed.

Andrew Eliezer04 October 2020 07:34 EDT
overall the scenery is good, but the problem is that the ground texture of the apron is flickering. Maybe you should update that flickering bug. But overall it's good. Good Job Suroboyo Sim!!

Haryoseno Wicaksono03 October 2020 11:24 EDT
Very well optimized scenery, fps friendly yet at the same time give extraordinary level of performance and detail, worth the price!

Ferry Libra03 October 2020 04:32 EDT

Amin Septyadi02 October 2020 03:22 EDT
Very detail scenery, fps friendly, and very good accuracy, Recomended to buy.

Sandy Aska01 October 2020 21:35 EDT

Dava Dizarzy01 October 2020 10:23 EDT

Firhat Satria01 October 2020 06:10 EDT
Good Quality Buildings and Textures, Good Performance!

Fida Perkasa28 September 2020 05:06 EDT
We will feel as real as it gets!

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