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Project MAX - WAPP Ambon Pattimura V1.5

Project MAX

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i wanted to release this as an update and realized that this one have so much difference than the original V1

One of the most popular destination on indonesia, Ambon. Located at Ambon City, Maluku, Indonesia. The airport has been the primary method of transport to and from Maluku Island.

Pattimura International Airport mostly landed by Narrow Body Airplane such A320,B737 and also ATR 72.

Heres the updated :

  • Updated Terminals
  • All New Imagery
  • 250 More Handplaced Autogen and Objects
  • New Ground Poly
  • New Detailing on the ground poly
  • NEW Night Texture
  • NEW Dynamic Lighting
  • New GSX Lv2 Profile (by AATS XD)
  • (not tested) but this update will make the scenery a LOT faster in fps than the previous one
  • (Optional) 3D Ground Staff and Vehicle (the folder is inside the MAX WAPP V1.5 Folder)

thank you for downloading and hope you have a BLAST with this one :)


Product Features:
  • FPS Friendly
  • Detailed building ground etc
  • Updated Terminals
  • All New Imagery
  • 750 Handplaced details and autogen
  • New Ground Poly
  • New Detailing
  • New Night texture and dynamic Lighting
  • New GSX Lv2 Profile
Product Requirements:
Prepar3D v4
Prepar3D v5
GSX Level 2 Expansion

core i5
4Gb of ram
64bit sim
2Gb of Vram

Delivery Method: This digital goods are delivered via OneSim Center desktop application.

Available Since: 12 August 2020

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We Created High Quality Scenery For P3D, MSFS And XPlane 11 Freeware, Or Even Payware

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Benedictus Nathaniel14 July 2022 00:32 EDT

Jan Koelstra04 January 2022 13:19 EST

Melkhias Simangunsong13 November 2021 00:55 EST

Zahir Flightsim27 September 2021 18:11 EDT
Terbaik hasil kerjanya! Mantap! luar biasa. Support from Malaysia !

Barry Utomo02 May 2021 12:48 EDT

Brian Zimmer08 February 2021 20:29 EST

Jidin Ariez Official06 February 2021 22:40 EST

Irfan Anshari15 January 2021 04:25 EST

Ghino Luqyano27 November 2020 18:13 EST
Great Scenery, Looking forward for more Major Indonesia Airport!

Dini Narayudha25 November 2020 07:55 EST

Marthunis Az17 November 2020 07:17 EST

Haryoseno Wicaksono05 January 2021 05:07 EST
Nice Performance and level of details. Fps friendly

Publisher Response 05 January 2021 05:07 EST
thanks for the review, glad you like it!

Ariq Raihan23 March 2021 11:32 EDT

Malvin Simbolon15 September 2020 21:38 EDT

Andi Reza Reyhansyah13 September 2020 11:26 EDT
dijamin bagus !

Alenzo Leksana12 September 2020 13:16 EDT
FPS friendly, better than WAPP 1.3, Good job MAX!!!

Yudra Saiful Akmal07 September 2020 01:52 EDT

Alexander Tyo03 September 2020 01:15 EDT

Sens Sens24 August 2020 22:41 EDT
lumayan oke dan bagus untuk scenery ini

Adam Simpson23 August 2020 10:30 EDT

Tri Junanto Setyoadi22 August 2020 05:58 EDT

Mille 77721 August 2020 02:59 EDT

Andrew Eliezer19 August 2020 23:41 EDT

Fatwa Prayoga18 August 2020 02:15 EDT

Darren Aviation73717 August 2020 09:21 EDT

Jalu Mardhani17 August 2020 07:50 EDT

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