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Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport (SHIA) is an international airport in Makassar, Indonesia. It is located 20 km (12 mi) northeast of Makassar's city centre and is operated by PT. Angkasa Pura I. The new terminal was opened on 20 August 2008. This airport is the main gateway for flights to the eastern part of Indonesia, and named after Sultan Hasanuddin, a Sultan of Gowa, who fought against the Dutch East India Company in the 1660s.

The old terminal was completely vacated after the opening of the new terminal in 2008 and is currently used is used by the TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) which houses Skadron Udara 11 (Air Squadron 11). The new terminal is located just south of the old terminal. It has the capacity to handle 7 million passengers and in 2010 served 5 million,[1] It is five times larger than the old terminal, and includes six jetbridges. It is the first airport terminal in Indonesia designed in a high-tech architecture style. The expansion of the terminal is currently under construction and expected to be finished in mid 2021. The terminal will be 3 times bigger and can accommodate around 15 millions passengers. Couple more aerobridges will be added for both Domestic and International Flight. There will be dedicated international terminal and an elevated departure drop off, a parking building. The grand design of the terminal is based on butterfly.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, passenger numbers have increased more than sixfold. Historically air freight traffic has played a minor role in Makassar from an economic standpoint. It has developed slowly in part due to the relatively high license fee by the operator, currently 25 rupiah per kg of body construction and 15 rupiah per kg for the goods introduction.

Until now, 17 Airline has served this airport.

Product Features:
  • FPS Friendly
  • Detailed building ground etc
  • SODE VDGS Support
  • Custom Taxi Lighting
  • Sode Jetway
  • Dynamic Puddles
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Custom Ground Poly
  • Custom Terrain Vector
  • Custom Autogen
  • Over 2000 Hand Placed Objects
  • Custom Building
  • Highly Detailed Apron
  • high detailed representation of the airport
Product Requirements:
Prepar3D v4
SimObject Display Engine
GSX Level 2 Expansion
Prepar3D v5

64 Bit Simulator (P3D)
Sim Object Display Engine (new version are preferable)
SODE VDGS Pack (Optional)

Delivery Method: This digital goods are delivered via OneSim Center desktop application.

Available Since: 04 December 2020

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Adhitya Hadziqan17 November 2022 22:28 EST
Detail Dan Enviroment Sceneriesnya Mantap, Penomoran Gate Sdh Sesuai Pas Dipakai Dengan AIRAC

Arief Rahman Hakim16 August 2022 22:40 EDT

Andro Reramadhan24 July 2022 22:59 EDT

Alfonsus Dewo Putranto22 May 2022 05:54 EDT

Ben Faiz07 May 2022 09:32 EDT

Afif Damar27 January 2022 07:03 EST

Althaf Raihan Maheswara19 January 2022 02:01 EST

Alvin Rivadli15 January 2022 21:38 EST

Zulfachri Harahap13 November 2021 11:04 EST

Mukhammad Alfisyahr20 October 2021 04:28 EDT
seeperti biasa general oke, tapi kekurangan seperti biasa navaid dan airport lights system yang kurang real contohnya adanya centerline lights yang seharusnya tidak ada malah diadakan :(, semoga kedepannya diperhatikan detail2 ini

Haryoseno Wicaksono01 October 2021 09:27 EDT
Really nice add this scenery into my collection. Nice performance and level of detail also graphic

Malvin Simbolon13 September 2021 23:26 EDT

Rizky Bramantyo17 August 2021 11:17 EDT

Kevin Firanda15 August 2021 14:29 EDT
Luar biasa

Muhammad Aldila Satria08 July 2021 03:42 EDT
Akhirnya punya scenery real homebase favoritku :) good job Project MAX. Akurat sekali dengan kondisi bandara SHIAM sekarang

Muhammad Faisal Imansyah07 July 2021 00:33 EDT
Worth for the price!

Putra Astarto03 July 2021 13:16 EDT
Nice, Night Lighting nya cakep juga nih!

Jack Hernandez20 May 2021 04:51 EDT

HEBOH CHANNEL19 May 2021 04:14 EDT

Brandon Lin16 May 2021 02:29 EDT
nicely done! love these local regional airports

Alfi Titiandi14 May 2021 12:44 EDT
mantap bro thx ya diskonnya luar binasa

Afifarham Sayid Fatah12 May 2021 20:48 EDT
Akhirnya punyaaaa

Barry Utomo01 May 2021 05:49 EDT

Zhong Jie Yong30 April 2021 00:42 EDT

Donny Wantogia16 April 2021 04:31 EDT

Yudra Saiful Akmal13 March 2021 11:18 EST

Victor Chandra04 March 2021 06:27 EST

Timothy Pieter Christian Siahaan25 February 2021 20:54 EST

Jeremias Marco Harsono13 February 2021 08:34 EST
Major hub, good fps performance, great value

Kahfi Muhammad06 February 2021 07:06 EST

Kevin Stefanus 149318103 February 2021 01:45 EST
kereeen abiezzz

Dava Dizarzy02 February 2021 19:48 EST

Adrian Arisanto02 February 2021 06:39 EST
amazing detail

Rizah Rinaldy Iriansyah Mongdong15 January 2021 05:06 EST

Irfan Anshari15 January 2021 04:24 EST

Stevanus youngky Guitama14 January 2021 10:42 EST

muhamad adlil11 January 2021 04:57 EST

Tunasalad 01 January 2021 10:48 EST

Gery Kurniawan05 January 2021 05:04 EST
This airport is awesome for the price. looks very authentic compared to the real one on the the ground and in the air. And also compared to others, this is the most updated one. Highly recommended to buy...

Publisher Response 05 January 2021 05:04 EST
thanks for the review, glad you like it!

Jovi Londo13 December 2020 16:59 EST

M Dio05 January 2021 05:06 EST
Baru migrasi dari FSX ke P3Dv5, tiba-tiba bandara kota ku keluar, sangat detail. mirip dengan aslinya saat ini yg sedang dlm perluasan terminal. Luar biasa Project MAX

Publisher Response 05 January 2021 05:06 EST
mantap! terimakasih!

Andrew Eliezer04 December 2020 08:47 EST

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