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Mujago Aviation - Yogyakarta International Airport (WAHI) for FSX&Prepar3D

Mujago Aviation

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Started operating recently in 2019 until today Yogyakarta Intenational Airport serves up to 15 Million passengers a year. 
Located in Indonesia's main island (Java) and near the famous city of Yogyakarta, it is one of the most important airport in Indonesia.

Our flightsimulator DLC provides a delicate simulation experience both for hobby or serious simulations. Featuring tonnes
of advanced custom features all over the DLC, this is one of the best DLC we have ever made. 

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Contact us at
Facebook/Instagram : MujagoAviation
Email :
Whatsapp :  (Made Dimas)

See you in the skies! 

Product Features:
  • FPS Friendly
  • Custom building based on real data
  • Custom ground poly based on real data
  • PBR Texture
  • Custom Animation
  • Custom Autogen
  • Custom land traffic
Product Requirements:
Prepar3D v5
Prepar3D v4
SimObject Display Engine
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2)

CPU : Dual Core 2Ghz
VideoRAM : 2GB
Disk Space : 2GB

Delivery Method: This digital goods are delivered via OneSim Center desktop application.

Available Since: 27 April 2022

07 November 2022 (08:02 EST) Update:

  • - FSX Installation guide added (Documentation)
  • - Configuration tool defective menus fixed

How to install:

  • By Updating / Reinstalling the product

08 September 2022 (08:31 EDT) Update:

  • SODE Object Error fixed

How to install:

  • Uninstall your WAHI SODE Platform and install freshly. Don't forget to deactivate and reactivate WAHi in mujagoconfig.exe after updating

About Publisher

Mujago Aviation Logo

Mujago Aviation Indonesia

One of Indonesia's scenery developer for Flightsimulator platforms since 2016. We provide DLCs with presetted standards based on real world data, ensuring each of our products are as close as possible to the
real airport. We hope you enjoy our product and have a good flying experience, see you in the skies!

Instagram : @mujagoaviation | Fb Pages : MujagoAviation

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Ratings & Reviews

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Jeremias Marco Harsono22 November 2022 01:41 EST

Syafrie alif Fathullah20 November 2022 07:41 EST
Keren banget, Detail berinterior dengan harga yang sangat cocok untuk kualitas scenerynya. FPS friendly dan Teksturing MUJAGO menurut saya adalah yang terbaik untuk scenery Indonesia, Bintang 5/5 dari saya untuk mujago apalagi WAHI ini.

Udhy Lukito28 October 2022 22:09 EDT

Ferry Libra09 October 2022 04:14 EDT

Yosafat Saragih25 September 2022 02:05 EDT
Great scenery but unfortunately it does not have proper documentation and troubleshooting. The PDF file seems broken which is essential for troubleshooting some minor issues.

Wilfred Palangan07 November 2022 03:13 EST
Di fsx masih banyak yg cacat (Gate nya hilang, ombak pantai ditengah runway), mungkin boleh diperbaiki

Publisher Response 07 November 2022 03:13 EST
Halo, Silahkan cek E-Mail anda ya. Kami sudah kirimkan solusinya:) Have a nice flight

Adi Fadli Nugraha04 September 2022 18:01 EDT
loh kalian tidak tau ya bahwa scenery ini sangat bagus di bandingkan spek pc kalian? yang ori hanya di onesimstore ketik reg spasi dukung mujago wahi & beli disini bukan di toko ijo dan toko merah. saya sudah membeli scenery ini sejak, bentar cek email, oh ya saya ingat 06 Juni 2022, saya rela mengambil uang di laci ibu saya sebesar 250rb untuk scenery sebagus ini memang luar biasa setelah di coba, dan kalian mau tau? pelayanan pun full service sama mujago ini, contoh saya bingung mas anu, temen saya mau tapi gapunyaa uang untuk beli, lalu Mujago ini menyarankan saya untuk mentraktirnya, luar biasa debesto mantapto mari kita support developer lokal oke guys i lopyu forever jangan lupa pamerin screenshot terbaik saat menggunakan produk mujago wahi ini!!!!

Abdillah Harahap05 August 2022 13:30 EDT

Hanif Ardiansyah03 August 2022 10:58 EDT

Jovi Londo18 July 2022 12:14 EDT

Benedictus Nathaniel14 July 2022 00:31 EDT
It's about time that someone makes an even more detailed version of my homebase airport. Mujago has again created an excellent product with low performance hit, something that is not easy to achieve with complex scenery these days.

Abdul Majid10 July 2022 06:34 EDT
nice price

Trevor Punnett07 June 2022 08:42 EDT
Amazing and detailed scenery of WAHI particularly love the static aircraft, moving people and terminal announcements. Awesome support from Mujago when I had an issue.

Tunasalad 15 May 2022 05:07 EDT

Johan Eka Santosa09 May 2022 06:39 EDT
Nice scenery even I got trouble when using this scenery for the first time. The objects are very realistic and this scenery is FPS friendly. The developer was helpful when I asked them about the problem.

Donny Wantogia05 May 2022 03:33 EDT
Biar bintang yang bicara, Awsome .. Sukses selalu buat Mujago Aviation.

Ln Eka Prakasa01 May 2022 18:22 EDT

Muhammad Hanif Arrafi01 May 2022 10:11 EDT

Malvin Simbolon01 May 2022 09:52 EDT

Razaan Botutihe01 May 2022 00:02 EDT
Menurut tanggapan lesti ini scenery keren ???????? ditunggu scenery yang lainnya

Muhammad Sauqy Daffa Riyadi30 April 2022 23:58 EDT
Overall i’m very impressed with Mujagoaviation’s progress within this past few years. With this new DLC they developed, they just prove that they have grow a lot since they start making DLCs for flight simulator platforms. They consider every single inch of the airport including texture, modelling, PBR, and even the roads for GSX vehicles. This product is definetly worth every single penny you’re spending. Very well done!

Teady Luqman30 April 2022 23:28 EDT
Nice ???? scenery ????

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