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BinerSim - Soekarno Hatta for FSX & P3D


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Many months of meticulous research and development went into this product. The final result is a faithful, "as real as it gets" recreation of the real world Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten - the main gateway to Jakarta and Indonesia as a whole.

We hope you enjoy BINERSIM - Soekarno Hatta-International Airport

Product Features:
  • Detailed recreation of WIII
  • Custom made taxisigns and taxilights
  • Dynamic lights (P3D v4 only)
  • SODE Jetways
  • Custom ground polygon
  • Custom autogen and objects for surrounding area
Product Requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2)
Prepar3D v4
SimObject Display Engine
Prepar3D v5

Windows 8 / 10
3D graphics card with 2048 MB

Delivery Method: This digital goods are delivered via OneSim Center desktop application.

Available Since: 01 June 2019

30 September 2020 (01:00 EDT) Update:

  • Dynamic light now affects PBR Aircraft / Objects (P3Dv5)

04 August 2020 (03:00 EDT) Update:

  • [P3Dv4/5] Fix ground sometimes goes white

30 May 2020 (03:00 EDT) Update:

  • Now P3Dv5 supported

03 January 2020 (07:37 EST) Update:

  • Major performance improvement
  • Concrete texture improvement
  • East Cross Taxiway update

02 January 2020 (09:46 EST) Update:

  • Major Performance Improvement (again)
  • File size reduced

01 January 2020 (12:23 EST) Update:

  • Minor performance improvement

31 December 2019 (06:06 EST) Update:

  • Major performance improvement
  • Deleted several objects that affect performance
  • Ground texture update

07 October 2019 (10:24 EDT) Update:

  • GSE Fix
  • Performance Improvement

28 August 2019 (09:12 EDT) Update:

  • If there's a road traffic/cars in runway 3, you can install this patch to fix it.

21 August 2019 (03:15 EDT) Update:

  • Important fixes, please install

19 August 2019 (10:50 EDT) Update:

  • Road traffic added
  • Airport environment object improvement

19 August 2019 (10:48 EDT) Update:

  • Road traffic added

17 August 2019 (01:42 EDT) Update:

  • Photoscenery improvement

17 August 2019 (01:22 EDT) Update:

  • Ground texture on new taxiway & runway improvements

17 August 2019 (05:36 EDT) Update:

  • Added runway 24/6
  • Added apron J
  • Added EC bridge

15 August 2019 (03:00 EDT) Update:

  • Scenery preparation for Runway 24/6
  • Dynamic light addition in Terminal 3
  • Remake EC taxiway to exact location & added several taxiway

15 August 2019 (12:50 EDT) Update:

  • Scenery preparation for Runway 24/6
  • Remake EC taxiway to exact location & added several taxiway

06 August 2019 (01:26 EDT) Update:

  • AI Traffic won't takeoff fixes.
  • Runway texture improvement.
  • Terminal 1 & 2 building update and improvement.

06 August 2019 (01:26 EDT) Update:

  • Dynamic light missing when arrival fixes.
  • AI Traffic won't takeoff fixes.
  • P3Dv4 ground shadows fixes.
  • Runway texture improvement.
  • Terminal 1 & 2 building update and improvement.

13 June 2019 (01:40 EDT) Update:

  • Apron light pole improvements
  • GMF Hangar Performance improvements
  • Added several airport objects
  • Fix some flickering objects
  • Fix taxilight near T3
  • Photoscenery improvement (color and blending)
  • GMF Area apron light changed to white

06 June 2019 (07:19 EDT) Update:

  • Fixed floating taxi lights and signs, apron equipments, and some light poles
  • Fixed apron light on foggy weather

02 June 2019 (05:07 EDT) Update:

  • Terminal 2 performance improvement
  • Scenery photoreal improvement
  • Parking changes and assigned with airline code for AI Traffic
  • Added several airport objects

02 June 2019 (02:00 EDT) Update:

  • Stands placement fixes

01 June 2019 (11:13 EDT) Update:

  • Performance improvements

01 June 2019 (11:20 EDT) Update:

  • Fix floating objects

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BinerSim Indonesia

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BinerSim is a scenery development team for flight simulators. The team was established on 2013.
We develop scenery for Flight Simulator by creating 3D models of many airports and various objects realistically to enhance your experience on the simulator.

BinerSim products are sold with licenses that do not give permission for commercial use.

For custom orders please contact us directly.

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Ratings & Reviews

out of 5 133 Ratings


Vinsensius Ronald31 May 2022 04:58 EDT

Yohanes Ivan 10 May 2022 04:52 EDT
Best soekarno hatta airport

Adhitya Hadziqan04 May 2022 08:33 EDT
It's Great, But! This Scenery Is Killing My FPS, Please Improve It On The Next Possible Update

Willnosmer Aileron22 February 2022 05:13 EST
Udah beli cok mantap cok Cuk cak cek cok Minta WIDD batam P3D

Willnosmer Aileron22 February 2022 05:13 EST
Udah beli cok mantap cok Cuk cak cek cok Minta WIDD batam P3D

Little Bear07 November 2021 04:14 EST
Mantap biner!

Theofilus Dicky Kurniawan22 October 2021 07:04 EDT
josss... tapi mau nanya di tempat saya kalau malam kok appronnya gelap bgt ya, kyk sorot lampu appronnya tuh ga nyampe ke tanah seperti di gambar, solusinya gimana ya ?

Publisher Response 22 October 2021 07:04 EDT
Untuk sorot lampu sampai ketanah itu hanya utk versi P3Dv5 ya

Reynaldi Iskak30 August 2021 08:21 EDT
Beautiful view and surroundings from landing and take offs, buildings and the outskirts very good details, thumbs up

Muhammad Afif Nauval28 August 2021 08:54 EDT
mantap ditunggu project berikutnya

I Putu Dimas Dharmasastra Pambayun17 August 2021 11:53 EDT
jos ganjos scenerynya

Daniel Lai Lam08 August 2021 06:33 EDT
Love it, well detailed airport scenery of WIII.

HaykL 23 June 2021 02:32 EDT

Brandon Lin20 June 2021 03:25 EDT
Well done! just a quick question for v5, seems the new runway numbers are missing.. 24 is missing 4 and other side 06 is missing 6.. anyone?

Davelance Praditya26 May 2021 01:37 EDT
Very Nicee Binersimm... DLnya joss, airportnya udh bagus, scenery andalan lah buat WIII. Cuma tinggal beberapa spawn point kyk di Terminal 3 gate yang ujung msh belum lurus.

Andika Aditama15 May 2021 02:41 EDT

Chalil Mizan14 May 2021 07:34 EDT

Barry Utomo26 April 2021 09:06 EDT

Aaron A10 April 2021 11:03 EDT
Surprisingly frame rate friendly!

Ghino Luqyano23 March 2021 06:06 EDT
Very well done.

Ariq Raihan23 March 2021 11:32 EDT

Mikael Abbisena13 September 2020 05:52 EDT

Muhammad Nabil06 September 2020 00:20 EDT

Naldy Naldy20 August 2020 00:08 EDT

Steven Young17 August 2020 02:25 EDT
Very pleased with the authentisity of the airport. A pleasure to fly in and out of.

Ben Faiz14 August 2020 08:51 EDT

marcell gathsam03 July 2020 07:24 EDT
Saya pakai gsx lvl 2 cmn knapa jetwaynya ilang smua ya?

Anthony Sullivan30 June 2020 08:07 EDT
Soekarno Hatta-International Airport is an awesome airport to discover.

Fajar Dirgan25 June 2020 06:36 EDT

Lazuardi Ridho Maulana13 June 2020 23:56 EDT

Rizah Rinaldy Iriansyah Mongdong13 June 2020 22:07 EDT

Anugerah Kandatra12 June 2020 08:07 EDT

Bazli Bahri07 June 2020 09:09 EDT

Noval Kurniawan04 June 2020 00:20 EDT
nice scenery

Vag Evang27 May 2020 15:43 EDT
The most up-to-date scenery for WIII (and the third runway included), with very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Johan Eka Santosa27 May 2020 03:51 EDT
It's so realistic. But, I have a problem when docking the SODE to my PMDG 737NGX. The error is aircraft door is too low. I think the developer should fix this. But overall, it's a good scenery.

Arief Rahman Hakim23 May 2020 01:30 EDT

M Dio21 May 2020 01:34 EDT

Thanio Patra Sandika21 May 2020 01:02 EDT
sangat bagus

Muhammad Reyhan15 May 2020 12:10 EDT

jerome boneta14 May 2020 00:52 EDT

Tommy Rachmansyah09 May 2020 21:48 EDT

Nicholas Lutfi08 May 2020 06:27 EDT
The best scenery for WIII!!!

Muhammad Rafly Fadhilla06 May 2020 10:57 EDT

Riki Ramadoni06 May 2020 09:19 EDT

muhamad adlil04 May 2020 10:27 EDT
good product

Jeremias Marco Harsono02 May 2020 05:52 EDT
Must have as far as Indonesian airport sceneries go. Fantastic attention to detail, including surrounding areas. Continuous updates so far

Andreas Schmidt30 April 2020 22:45 EDT
Slowly I start to discover Indonesia for the P3DV4 for me. The biggest airport of Indonesia is a must. The first landing yesterday was interesting for me and shows a solid scenery. I like the detailing. I still have to look at the interaction with Sode.

kristo roring30 April 2020 09:50 EDT

Andre Budiman24 April 2020 05:53 EDT

Ezekiel Jascha16 April 2020 19:50 EDT
Update untuk P3D V5 nya kapan min?

Muhammad Rizal Rizky Naufal06 April 2020 07:18 EDT
Good scenery

Andi Reza Reyhansyah04 April 2020 03:13 EDT
product sangat baik, namun pengaturan parkir pesawat bisa diperbaiki untuk AI nya, karna masih ada pesawat yang parkir double satu heavy satu medium, sehingga seperti bertabrakan, terutama pada terminal 3 dan 1A.Saran, untuk space pesawat heavy jgn digabung dengan medium, lebih baik ditiadakan utk yg medium dan utk pesawat yang gatenya bisa 2 pesawat bisa tetap diadakan dengan konfigurasi medium medium, thanks dan ditunggu updatenya :)

Publisher Response 05 April 2020 05:24 EDT
Halo mas Andi Reza, Terima kasih atas ulasan dan umpan baliknya, sangat senang mendengarnya. Mengenai masalah ini, akan kami fix dalam update berikutnya. Salam, BinerSim Team

Bagas Nanda Syuhada03 April 2020 10:38 EDT

Sens Sens31 March 2020 23:13 EDT

michael bangun31 March 2020 11:44 EDT

André Cruz30 March 2020 11:08 EDT

Muhammad Farhan Radifan26 March 2020 09:20 EDT

Victor Chandra16 March 2020 23:45 EDT

Anta Lokananta13 March 2020 01:09 EDT
Nice Scenery, realistic

Zaynakif 09 March 2020 10:00 EDT

Jac De Groot20 January 2020 15:42 EST
BinerSim Soekarno Hatta is a good product with nice frame rates and many updates for even more better airport

Budi Setiawan19 January 2020 09:00 EST
detail terminal 3 ultimate terbaru. Good quality

Kevin Firanda14 January 2020 01:20 EST
great scenery!

Udhy Lukito05 January 2020 23:04 EST

Kevin Stefanus 149318103 January 2020 04:40 EST
Semua bagus, Detailnya Bagus, Ada Runway 6/24, Tapi Akan Terasa Berat Saat Di Terminal 3

Publisher Response 03 January 2020 08:55 EST
Thank you for your review. We've just released an update for this product to improve performance and update an East Cross Taxiway. Thank you and best regards!

KLM712 Ording29 December 2019 17:51 EST
Great scenery and it's working with SODE.

Richard White29 December 2019 08:17 EST

Sean Michael Suntoso24 December 2019 22:02 EST
so detail...

Fikri Izzudin Noor23 December 2019 22:17 EST
The best scenery!

almerptra -17 December 2019 03:53 EST

Bunbun Djolodrio09 December 2019 08:17 EST
Perfect scenery with active jetways...what we simmers like

Achmad Listianto04 December 2019 05:58 EST
awesome scenery

Dhafin Rahmat01 December 2019 21:05 EST

Jason Mahendra22 November 2019 20:14 EST

Keino Furbert-Jacobs21 September 2019 23:29 EDT

Ridho Robby20 September 2019 02:07 EDT
great scenery

Sebastian Büchner17 August 2019 09:52 EDT
Good Scenery..! But, i work clear Afcad Parking..!

John Liem17 August 2019 08:26 EDT
I bought WIII already very nice indeed, just wondering if WARR (Juanda) also will be coming soon this year.

Vino Alviano17 August 2019 08:13 EDT

Paul Massoure04 August 2019 09:18 EDT
Very nice airport But The Autogen around is missing and the dynamic light disappears when I arrive from a flight to the airport . PLEASE FIX

Publisher Response 07 August 2019 01:34 EDT
Hello Paul, Thank you for your review. We've just release an update for this product to fix dynamic light on arrival. You can install this update by re-run and install the product via latest version of Simnesia Product Installer. Thank you and best regards!

Anwar Vari27 July 2019 21:25 EDT
Nyaris sempurna. ILS beberapa kali kadang2 miss, entah kenapa

Irfan Anshari27 July 2019 17:41 EDT
A nicely T3 and surrounding Aerotropolis

TB DEDI PRIYATNA27 July 2019 00:51 EDT

Alex Boon25 July 2019 02:45 EDT
Well done guys!!! Finally a better destination when taking off from WSSS Changi!

Abdullah Abdullah24 July 2019 01:35 EDT
Very Nice Binersim, Saya Berharap WARR Juanda yang baru bisa dibuat secepatnya, Thanks Lot.....

nuge ampulembang14 July 2019 00:44 EDT

Fikri Azka12 July 2019 15:16 EDT
Great Scenery overall, but please fix the dynamic lights, it dissapear when arrive at the airport but it's work when WIII load first, if you fly to WIII, it will dissapear, had to reload the airport to get the dynamic lights and the autogen and photoscenery could be better

Publisher Response 07 August 2019 01:35 EDT
Hello Fikri Azka, Thank you for your review. We've just release an update for this product to fix dynamic light on arrival. You can install this update by re-run and install the product via latest version of Simnesia Product Installer. Thank you and best regards!

James Bristow10 July 2019 23:08 EDT
Great Job , Hopefully many more to come ... Palembang ? Pekanbaru ? Padang ?

Firhat Satria08 July 2019 11:39 EDT

Chandra Jonatan08 July 2019 06:32 EDT

Robby Steven06 July 2019 13:32 EDT

Lendy Pradhana04 July 2019 07:32 EDT

Baia Almer03 July 2019 21:41 EDT

Ikang Pratama29 June 2019 08:30 EDT

Muhammad Zufar27 June 2019 01:54 EDT

Alexander Tyo19 June 2019 18:29 EDT

Jeje VFT18 June 2019 09:28 EDT

Hanif Ardiansyah14 June 2019 09:21 EDT

Jack Hernandez14 June 2019 00:37 EDT
Great Quality with a friendly fps

Ferry Libra13 June 2019 17:38 EDT

Iwan Yulianto13 June 2019 01:00 EDT

Andi Faturahman12 June 2019 22:17 EDT
Nice.. ditunggu updatenya untuk Bandara terbaru lainya

Bagus Nugroho11 June 2019 00:42 EDT

Guntur Yuono10 June 2019 22:44 EDT

huseini rhoma09 June 2019 04:12 EDT
mantap ditunggu surabaya dan lombok mas

Muhammad Ainul Yaqin08 June 2019 07:23 EDT

Shigeo Teshima08 June 2019 05:29 EDT

Yanuar Gyan Ramadhan07 June 2019 04:06 EDT

Dava Dizarzy07 June 2019 02:33 EDT
very good

Irfan Sugiharto06 June 2019 10:01 EDT
Overall very good, harapannya sih bisa bikin terus scenery buat semua airport yang ada di indonesia dan jangan sampai tebengkalai pastinya juga selalu update jika bandara real update juga.

Ipung 06 June 2019 00:05 EDT
Great job binersim, Semoga ada update dan perbaikan di bagian photoscenery, kalo bisa di tambah pulau reklamasi PIK biar approachnya makin cihuy, thx binersim

Muhamad Iqbal Maulana05 June 2019 19:42 EDT

H RK05 June 2019 07:05 EDT

Jacques TOURON05 June 2019 02:32 EDT
Quite nice scenery. At last, we have now an excellent WIII scenery for P3DV4. Oustanding job Adi.

Ahmad Ali04 June 2019 12:09 EDT
Nice to see a new fresh WIII scenery! Thank you for making this scenery for my beloved airport!

Agung Kurniawan04 June 2019 11:49 EDT

gilang tarigan03 June 2019 12:03 EDT

luttes72 03 June 2019 10:53 EDT
Very nicely done.

Arya Wirawan03 June 2019 08:07 EDT
perfectly done .... !!!!

Yudra Saiful Akmal02 June 2019 18:26 EDT

Razaan Botutihe02 June 2019 11:21 EDT

Yosafat Saragih02 June 2019 09:09 EDT

Syafiq Adnan02 June 2019 07:09 EDT

William Sunjoto02 June 2019 05:29 EDT

Muhammad Didi Muchtar02 June 2019 04:27 EDT
Berharap semoga kedepannya akan selalu ada update,, terutama pada bagian photoscenery nya.. overall pada bagian airport ssendiri sudah cukup bagus.

Rendi 2402 June 2019 03:34 EDT
mantap boqy

Zil Antoni02 June 2019 01:27 EDT
Great scenery, semoga binersim bisa lebih baik lagi.

Yogatama Nugraha02 June 2019 00:13 EDT

Ray Dotulung02 June 2019 00:02 EDT

Sasuke Chan01 June 2019 21:50 EDT
Mantul mas , Lanjutken....

F Rachmat Ramadhan01 June 2019 12:30 EDT

Tunasalad 01 June 2019 11:05 EDT
Very Niceee, Binersim !

Marthunis Az01 June 2019 07:05 EDT

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