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Aeronoms - WAHS Jenderal Ahmad Yani Semarang


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In the next future update, we will put more extra building behind and animated train on final approach. GSX will available soon!. This scenery is tested in I5 11600KF, RTX3060 and got 60-80 on average FPS (spawn on Fenix A320). The ground texture is on 8K resolution, so the size of this scenery is bigger. In the first load of this scenery, the loading will take longer time or even ctd. Just try to load the game again. In case of scenery problem, just text me through Discord Stevenn#1000. Thank You! 

Sorry for the inconvenience, we have fix the fps drop in our scenery and now all is completely fine! 

We suggest you to use jetway mod from LatinVFR!

Jenderal Ahmad Yani International Airport (IndonesianBandar Udara Internasional Jenderal Ahmad Yani) (IATASRGICAOWAHS) is an airport that serves the city of Semarang, in Central JavaIndonesia. The airport is named in honor of Ahmad Yani (1922–1965), who is a National Hero of Indonesia. It is one of the fastest-growing airports in the world by growth percentage.[1] It became an international airport with the first flight of Garuda Indonesia to Singapore in August 2004. The airport is operated by PT Angkasa Pura I, a state enterprise of the Indonesian Ministry of Transport that manages airports in the eastern part of the country.

The airport used to be a military airbase owned by the TNI (Armed Forces of Indonesia) until 1966, when the airport was declared open to domestic commercial flights, while continuing to operate as an airbase for the Indonesian Army. The area is commonly known as Kalibanteng, hence it was commonly known as Kalibanteng Airbase. The new floating terminal of the airport was officially opened by Indonesian President Joko Widodo on 7 June 2018.

Product Features:
  • FPS Friendly
  • Detailed building ground etc
  • Detailed Ground Marking
  • Custom ground texture and marking
  • interior added
Product Requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

CPU : Intel Core I5 8400 or latest
RAM : 16GB or more
GPU : GTX 970 or latest
Disk Space : 1.3GB
Dedicated VRAM : 4GB or more

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Available Since: 12 September 2022

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Lazy Pilot17 October 2022 00:58 EDT
Nice Job Stevens dan team, kerja kalian berbulan bulan menghasilakn scenery yang cantik dan indah, di tunggu karya karya berikut nya

MFirdaus Adi30 September 2022 06:34 EDT
nice airport

Muhammad Febriansyah30 September 2022 02:45 EDT
wow ntaappzz, saking laku nya price up to 4x lipat dari harga awal, beruntung beli awal rilis hhe. recommended

Indra Adi P28 September 2022 22:00 EDT

Hanif Ardiansyah22 September 2022 05:38 EDT

Muhammad Yudistira20 September 2022 10:04 EDT
The Great scenery Is born from the great work, Congrats Steven and team!

Zulfachri Harahap16 September 2022 20:27 EDT

Capt Sunfish13 September 2022 11:57 EDT
Detailnya bagus, ditunggu update berikutnya!

Joko Kurniawan13 September 2022 09:41 EDT
bagus sekaliiii

Dendra Rama13 September 2022 08:09 EDT

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